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Любовь и Мир

Love and Peace

1 June
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- I model on and off, due to having procrastinated to everyone's advice that I should go sign up with an agency.
- I was a cheerleader for the UNSW Pom Dance division last year, but will probably be on the team for Stunt Cheer division this year (much to the unanimous joy of the whole Cheer team that I finally consent to being thrown into the air).
- I used to be a figure ice skater and dancer until leg problems took over and I had to quit the ice.
- I'm a design student, majoring in Objects and Graphics. My teachers recommend I stay on and complete my graduation with Objects because they think I have a talent for it. I don't intend to stay 'cause I don't have the money to keep up with flamboyant prototype building for the subject!
- I'm short, skinny but curvy all at once and have trouble finding clothes that fit properly. One of the reasons why I haven't been able to do a little more in clothing modeling is because the sample clothes are aussie size 14 and I'm closer to aussie size 4 or 6. So yeah.